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Clean Sweep Formulation

The Metabole Clean Sweep Formulation contains ALL the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs to help keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

Help your body to prevent heart disease by using our powerful, all-natural supplement.

Like all Metabole products, our Clean Sweep Formulation contains NO artificial ingredients.

Metabole Clean Sweep Formulation contains 200g powder formula.


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Heart disease is one of the biggest fears people live within modern society. The cardiovascular system, comprising the heart and surrounding blood vessels, is the most important system in the body.

Organs and tissues of the body are dependent on blood for both their nutrient supply and waste removal. Any interruption of these processes can have disastrous consequences for the cells involved. For this reason, it’s important to keep the heart and associated blood vessel network healthy.

According to Dr Mathias Rath’s book, Eradicating a Heart Disease, cardiovascular systems can be kept healthy by the correct combination of nutrients. Dr Rath singles out a number of these nutrients needed for optimal cardiovascular health. But the most important single nutrient is undoubtedly vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Consequently, it takes predominance in the Metabole Clean Sweep Formulation.

Heart Disease Prevention and Vitamin C

Vitamin C is intimately involved in collagen formation. As such, it is responsible for maintaining the structure and integrity of blood vessel walls which uses collagen extensively.

Shortages in vitamin C intake cause lesions to appear in blood vessel walls. It creates tiny cracks through which blood is lost. The body compensates for this lack of vitamin C by producing more lipoprotein, which it uses to block the minute cracks and stops the blood from leaking out.

Prolonged vitamin C shortages in the diet cause more and more lipoprotein production and deposits on the original lesion site. This, in turn, causes a plaque to form which can eventually restrict blood flow in the blood vessel.

Plaque formation in the coronary artery (the artery that provides nutrients to the heart) can gradually restrict sufficient blood flow. Eventually, it can cause chest pain or angina. Complete blockage of the coronary artery can lead to a heart attack and will necessitate a coronary bypass operation. Likewise, plaque formation in brain blood vessels will lead to the death of brain cells. This will cause a stroke and potentially, partial paralysis. Supplementation with vitamin C will assure the use of collagen in blood vessel repair, and consequently, reduce the need for lipoprotein production. Thus effectively halting the deposits at the lesion site and even reducing them somewhat.

Other Essential Nutrients in the Fight Against Heart Disease

Other nutrients, notably lysine and proline, are included in our formula. They have the ability to release the lipoprotein fat granules from the hardening of arteries (atherosclerotic deposits). This is accomplished by reducing the stickiness and releasing them into the bloodstream for transportation to the liver.

Other nutrients Dr Rath recommends in his book are an adequate supply of energy-providing nutrients such as carnitine, coenzyme Q 10, and all the B vitamins. Combined, the nutrients ensure that the heart cells function optimally. The heart has muscle tissue different from body tissue and is rich in mitochondrial DNA, especially for energy production.

Remember, the heart never stops beating. Therefore, it has a higher energy requirement than any other muscle tissue in the body. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium and molybdenum are also in our formula. They are necessary for many cell functions, especially the electrical heart cells which initiate heart contraction.

A deficiency in these minerals can give rise to an irregular heartbeat. Eventually, heart disease follows. The lack of vitamins and minerals can cause heart failure simply because of muscle weakness of the heart.

The Metabole Clean Sweep Formulation is in a powder form that can be taken to suit individual requirements. Powders are already in a digested form with ascorbic acid being the end product. This gives rapid absorption and is optimally metabolised.

Like all metabole products, Our Clean Sweep Formulation contains NO artificial ingredients.

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