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You're sceptical - we get it. And why shouldn't you be? There are so many opportunists out there who will do anything for a "quick buck". Rest assured, Metabole has been changing lives since 1994 and continues to do so every day. But don't take our word for it... see what our patients have to say:

Jacqueline Finnemore

"Dr. Charl and Malinda gave me the right tools to strengthen my mind, body and soul... I want to thank you both for your commitment to me as your patient. For being there when at my lowest and highest."

Sandra Redman Legg

"It has been twenty years since I first visited your clinic, Metabole, suicidality depressed and on Prozac.
I have not looked back since that day nor have I visited any other practitioner in this time and my health goes from strength to strength.
I am sure I am one of a great crowd who are very grateful you do what you do with such passion and commitment!

Estelle Snyman

"My heartfelt THANKS to both Charl and Malinda for their compassion and help over the years and that they are prepared to share their wealth of knowledge with us. Those that take it to heart and DO what they instruct, can testify of miraculous healings."

Metabole offers naturopathic consultations, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle planning

People who suffer from degenerative health challenges or irregular metabolic conditions, benefit from the Metabole approach. Examples are cancer, hyperactivity, cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, pre-menstrual syndrome, auto-immune dysfunction, etc.


Metabole is a manufacturer, stockist, broker and researcher of wellness products.
Here are 3 reasons why our products are better than most other brands:



Did you know sugar COUNTERACTS the effect of food supplements?

Let's take magnesium as an example. For every sugar molecule that enters your body, you need 54 magnesium molecules to process the sugar.

Do you see the problem? If you take a magnesium supplement with added sugar, your body immediately uses up the magnesium you just filled it up with in order to process sugar from the same source. It's a viscous, unhealthy circle.

Sugar has been linked with many diseases and continues to be a silent killer due to misinformation to the general public.

Our nutriments contain only natural active ingredients give your body the nutrition it needs.

metabole product features



By using only a superfood base, we have eliminated the harmful preservatives normally found in supplements, and changed the nutritional format from a highly artificial one to one that is found in wholesome foods.

Even our capsules are made from nutritional vegetable material.

metabole product features2


NO "filler" additives

On average, normal food supplements contain 700 times more artificial additives than its active ingredients.

Think about that for a moment... every time you take a supplement you are consuming more binders, fillers, coatings, colourants and flavourants than actual active ingredients.

As with sugar, all these artificial additives counteract the reason for taking supplements in the first place!

Metabole nutriments contain all the nutritional benefits of the wholesome foods to which we are naturally adapted. It provides the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to keep all the biochemical pathways in our bodies functioning optimally, thus ensuring optimal health and vitality.

metabole product features

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