alzheimer's disease

Real Hope for the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Real Hope for the Prevention of
Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease frightens both the elderly and their loved ones. It is one of the most devastating illnesses families face as they helplessly watch their loved ones 'disappear' before their eyes.

Characteristics of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Mental decline.
  • Difficulty understanding and thinking.
  • Confusion.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Disorientation.
  • Loss of memories.
  • Inability to create new memories.
  • Inability to recognise common things.

The above mentioned characteristics fall among many other devastating symptoms. At present there is no known cure and the medical establishment doesn't seem to understand the causes of the disease.

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1 magnesium deficiency symptoms metabole wellness

Are You a Victim of These Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms?


Publish Date: 01/06/2018  |  Updated: 30/09/2018

You couldn't sleep last night. Again. "Tired" is an understatement right now.

As if your fatigue is not enough, your heart can't stop racing.

Sure, you're under some pressure. But you've had worse days.
Why does it feel like you're about to have a panic attack, then?

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health benefits of pears - 11 irresistable reasons to eat them

Little-Known Health Benefits of Pears


Original publish date: 30/01/2018  |  Updated: 20/08/2018

The health benefits of pears are amazing.

From increased energy levels to keeping unwanted wrinkles at bay, pears have got you covered.

From increased energy levels to keeping unwanted wrinkles at bay, pears have got you covered.

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Yann Martel once wrote, "Slice a pear and you will find that its flesh is incandescent white. It glows with inner light. Those who carry a knife and a pear are never afraid of the dark."
("Beatrice and Virgil")

I bet that quote just made you want to grab a pear and read on. You will love the health benefits of pears we have to share with you!

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what does alkaline mean article main image metabole wellness

What Does Alkaline Mean? The Absolute Best Answer

What Does Alkaline Mean? The Absolute Best Answer

You’ve been in your fair share of "alkaline" conversations. And whenever you partake in those conversations, you nod your head in agreement and even make a comment or two given the chance.

There is just one problem.

You haven’t quite figured out what "alkaline" means. Yet. It’s not your fault.

You’ve already done the sensible thing and Googled, “what does alkaline mean”. To no avail.

Not even Wikipedia can give you a straight answer… "Alkaline diet (also known as the alkaline ash diet, alkaline acid diet, acid ash diet, and acid alkaline diet) describes a group of loosely related diets based on the misconception that different types of food can have an effect on the pH balance of the body."

Mm… Thanks for nothing!

No one could blame you if you gave up on the hope of ever learning what "alkaline" means at that point.

But you didn’t give up. And finally, your persistence is paying off.

This article is dedicated to helping you understand what alkaline means, and how that knowledge will empower you to make better lifestyle choices.

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stress leads to depression metabole wellness

Chronic Stress Causes Depression and Anxiety

Stress Leads to Depression. How To be Happy Instead.

Original article published: 14/12/2017  |  Updated: 07/07/2018

OK, I know, it sounds too easy. You're probably thinking, "you know what depression is... right?"

And let's be honest: if it were that easy, all of us would be happy all the time.

That being said, there is the other side. The good side of stress. The side that keeps us motivated and productive. 

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Benefits Of Alkaline Fruits You Need to Know About, NOW

Benefits of Alkaline Fruits
You Need to Know About, NOW

You're here for one of two reasons. 

One: you realise how important it is to keep a healthy lifestyle and you know how alkaline food (alkaline fruits specifically) plays a crucial role.

You've done the research and now you are ready to look at which foods can help balance your body's pH balance.

Two: you're curious. You have heard 'all this talk' about alkaline fruits and foods and how it's the answer to better health. But you are not convinced. 

And that's OK. In this age of information-overload you have every right to be sceptical about anything and everything. 

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