Your worst nightmare has just been realised. Your doctor called back with the test results. You tested positive for cancer. You panic. You've heard all the stories - conventional cancer therapy kills more people than it helps. IF you survive the therapy, you're going to suffer through an endless list of side-effects. Not to mention the medical bills in the end...

The above scenario happens to more people than you realise. Unfortunately, it can happen to you too. Cancer is one of many degenerative diseases prevalent in all societies today.

Metabole is here to help. We address every aspect of your health through the use of specialised nutritional and other natural therapies.

What Our Clients & Patients Say

It has now been 4months and 15days since I started my journey of natural healing, something I never thought I would even consider.  The changes have been remarkable and I have been getting stronger by the day.  Most of my symptoms have gone and my body is slowly but surely healing itself.  I still have a long way to go and by no means has this been easy.  It takes dedication and as Dr. Charl says he is always looking for good patients. What has also helped me greatly is that both Dr. Charl and Malinda gave me the right tools to strengthen my mind, body and soul.

Jacqueline Finnemore

Metabole Patient

It has been twenty years since I first visited your clinic, Metabole, suicidality depressed and on Prozac.

I have not looked back since that day nor have I visited any other practitioner in this time and my health goes from strength to strength.

I am sure I am one of a great crowd who are very grateful you do what you do with such passion and commitment!

Sandra Redman Legg

Metabole Patient

My heartfelt THANKS to both Charl and Malinda for their compassion and help over the years and that they are prepared to share their wealth of knowledge with us.   Those that take it to heart and DO what they instruct, can testify of miraculous healings. To obtain this however, requires an open mind and to be willing to be taught that YOU HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH.   They just show you the right way!

Estelle Snyman

Metabole Patient

Our Story

Dr. Charl du Randt, a Registered Naturopath, practicing as a health advisor, is the founder member of "METABOLE”– the first clinic (since 1994) in South Africa where therapeutic nutrition is being practiced.

People who suffer from degenerative diseases or irregular metabolic conditions, benefit from this approach. Examples are cancer, hyperactivity, cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, pre – menstrual syndrome, etc.

Both Dr. Charl and his wife, Malinda conduct lectures, talks, take part in radio discussions and have contributed to various magazines and newspapers. They encourage the subject of lifestyle management from a Scriptural point of view.


In May 2010 we moved to a beautiful farm in the Klein Karoo, mainly as a result of Charl and Malinda’s decades long dream of founding a rural healing centre. The dream was to live on a farm containing a naturopathic practice, healing centre, therapy clinic and resource centre. Wellness from a Scriptural point of view was to be the primary focus. This dream has now materialised.

The remote setting ensures tranquility and freedom from electro-pollution. The original clinic was founded in 1994 in Panorama and was the origin of extensive research and practice in attending to more than 20 000 patients and clients.

To date we have found the most effective wellness protocol to be the combination of SCIO technology, dark field microscopy live blood analysis, intelligent supplementation, patient education and therapeutic nutrition. We remain brokers of the best and purest wellness products available worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Charl du Randt
Founding Member, CEO, and in house health practitioner.

Office Manager. Ellana-Ann makes sure everything runs smoothly in the office so that Dr. Charl and Malinda can focus on their respective responsibilities.


Malinda du Randt
Founding Member, Counsellor and Marketing Director.


Tabitha du Randt
Trainee. Tabitha is following in her parents' footsteps and plans to run Metabole one day.


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