​I would like to thank Malinda and Dr Charl for helping me regain my health after being sick for four months and many trips to the emergency room.

My husband at that point decided to close the restaurant till I'm better. We both felt helpless.

It is now six months since my first appointment with Dr Charl and Malinda and all I can say from my heart is thank you so much, I am now so well; I have lost 16 kg, my blood sugar is perfect each day and I am more healthy than twenty years ago.

Your diet makes good sense and your
supplements are all natural and healthy. I hardly recognise myself.

I would urge anyone to please make that appointment as it's well worth it.

Off course its up to the patient to be disciplined and patient.


Charl and Malinda are true pioneers for healthy living. The knowledge they have to share is priceless and they have always made me feel that they really care.

I believe that Metabole Wellness opened up our eyes and lives for better living.

Metabole Berry C and Magnesium has become a daily household name for us and I don’t go anywhere without it.


When I first went to the Metabole clinic I was extremely exhausted, I felt totally burnt out and fatigued. I had pains all over my body and every day was an extreme challenge to get through the day.

Since I have been taking the Metabole supplements recommended by the holistic clinic, my energy has returned and I can get through the day without feeling so exhausted.

My job requires a lot of travel, focus and commitment and I am now able to cope better with both my work and at home; and think I am a better person for my family to deal with.

Thank you God for introducing me to the Metabole team who I found extremely approachable and committed to what they Love doing, "helping people live a better, stronger and more fulfilled life"




I have known dr Charl & Malinda du Randt for the past 17 to 18 years when my search for health began. Over the years Dr Charl has been helpful in, not only treating me and helping me to get on the right path again, but also to advise which books to read to help me understand health and increase my knowledge, for example books by Patrick Holford, Philip Day, Robert O. Young and others.

I am grateful to them for being instrumental to obtain products that actually are beneficial to the body and which my body can absorb and make use of – here I am specifically thinking of their
Magnesium Formulation, that is not like some over the counter tablets that I once bought and used when I had massive cramps in my legs at night where those tablets did not work. I only found out one morning that the tablets only lost their red colouring in their travels though my system and were not being absorbed by my body at all. Magnesium Formulation by Metabole is quite unique and does the job perfectly! No more cramps!

They make a marvellous team where Dr Charl tests to see what is actually the situation in YOUR body, what the deficiencies are and advise what to take to rectify the imbalance. He also helps in checking for parasites and other harmful bacteria and with the Live Blood Analysis can show you what is going on in your blood, for example if there are any crystals, indicating too much acid.Then Malinda spends time with the patient explaining what was found and how to treat your body to obtain optimal health. How to change your diet to obtain optimal health and even gives you some recipes to inspire you as well as which recipe books to buy.

Being an average human, I thought that I could only take the vitamins, etc. and that I will get well. However, I have found over the years that the Du Randts know what they are talking about and if they say ‘cut it out of your diet’ there is scientific reason for that.

Despite all this knowledge, however, I gave in last year to my daughter’s request to ‘go with the flow’ and not be finicky about food when visiting them in Scotland. Upon my return there were many pressures and challenges making it difficult to get back to clean eating, resulting in the return of health problems that had previously cleared up. Fortunately I now have the knowledge to cut out the foods like bread, milk and milk products as well as substances that are the cause of ill health, clean out my colon and give my body the nutrients that it requires to have optimal health.

My heartfelt THANKS to both Charl and Malinda for their compassion and help over the years and that they are prepared to share their wealth of knowledge with us. Those that take it to heart and DO what they instruct, can testify of miraculous healings. To obtain this however, requires an open mind and to be willing to be taught that YOU HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH. They just show you the right way!


It has been twenty years since I first visited your clinic, Metabole, suicidality depressed and on Prozac.

I have not looked back since that day nor have I visited any other practitioner in this time and my health goes from strength to strength.

I am sure I am one of a great crowd who are very grateful you do what you do with such passion and commitment!


During January 2015 I discovered a knob underneath my left arm pit. A few days later it was severely inflamed and I had to visit a medical practitioner. When he saw the inflamed lymph node he was shocked and said that I needed antibiotic for now and further treatment after that.

I discussed this with Su Ludewig whom immediately gave me
Metabole Magnesium and Antioxidant powder. I took it mornings and evenings whilst taking the antibiotic for 5 days. After the 5 days the infection disappeared. I also noticed that all my lymph nodes which were swollen were much better. I also started to feel more energised.

I could phone the doctor and tell him I will not be needing anymore treatments. Since then I have been taking the magnesium and antioxidant powder once a day!!! I feel much better and even see that other skin problems disappeared.


It all started 7 years ago when I woke up one morning and something within my body just didn’t feel in place. My body started ‘talking’ to me by expressing different symptoms. I started developing severe muscle pain and spasms, the pain moved from one area to another area.

Over time more symptoms emerged such as anxiety, heart palpitations, severe perspiration, tummy cramps, flatulence, nausea. This led to heart palpations, sleepless nights, depression and severe exhaustion. I was sent from pillar to post, and was dispensed an enormous amount of medication not to mention the horrifying procedures I had to endure. As a result the symptoms escalated so much that my peristalses (ability to swallow) and my sphincter (the valve between my oesophagus and tummy) function was impaired and I developed severe indigestion, acid reflux, chest pain and weight loss.

Until one day I went for another follow up with my surgeon to explain to him that my symptoms were only getting worse and I felt that this was because of the medication I was taking. He assured me that it could not be because of that and that I would have to go for another gastroscopy and that my symptoms will only get worse. He sent me off with more medication.

After walking out of his office with those words milling around in my head, I stopped and thought there must be a better way. This is not my Heavenly Father's will for me. My surgeon should be helping me, not condemning me. After all I am only 32 years old and have my whole life ahead of me. I went home and started praying. Two days later I received a phone call from my dad who had just returned from a farmer whose wife was healed by following a natural regime rather than that of the medical route. And that is how I landed on the doorstep of Dr. Charl and Malinda du Randt. Now, I was a bit sceptical at first but I prayed again and asked my Heavenly Father to give me a sign. And low and behold for a brief moment there was my sign: a rainbow. Now for those of you who don’t know a rainbow has a spiritual meaning attached to it in the form of an inner awakening caused by the shining through of light embedded in positive attributes, such as truth and wisdom. I was led to the truth and was about to gain more wisdom I could ever even think of.

It has now been 4months and 15days since I started my journey of natural healing, something I never thought I would even consider. The changes have been remarkable and I have been getting stronger by the day. Most of my symptoms have gone and my body is slowly but surely healing itself. I still have a long way to go and by no means has this been easy. It takes dedication and as Dr. Charl says he is always looking for good patients. What has also helped me greatly is that both Dr. Charl and Malinda gave me the right tools to strengthen my mind, body and soul. As I came to understand that healing also comes from all these things being in alignment and bounded to our Heavenly Father.

I want to thank you both for your commitment to me as your patient. For being there when at my lowest and highest.


Ek William (Billy) Issel is ‘n 67 jarige mans persoon en is verlede jaar, 2016 met nierversaking gediagnoseer.

Ek was deur my huisdokter na ‘n nier spesialis verwys wat dan ook my ‘n operasie laat ondergaan het waar ‘n “port” by my ingeplant is met die oog op dialiese.

Daar was ‘n wagperiode van 6 weke vir die wond om te genees.

Intussen het ek gedagte gekry van Dr Charl du Randt. Ek het Dr Charl du Randt ontmoet deur ‘n vriend van my en ook het ek by ‘n vorige geleentheid my kleindogter na hom toe gebring.

God verrig nog steeds wonderwerke deur fantastiese mense te gebruik. Dr Charl tesame met sy lieflike en goed ingeligte vrou Malinda, hul toegewyde dogter, Tabitha en bekwame kantoor dame Ellana-Ann het my vir die maand April 2017 op ‘n streng dieet geplaas en blootgestel aan Metabole produkte.

‘n Groot aanpassing met reuse welslae.

My bloed het van 50% na 80% verbeter. Verstandelik, liggaamlik en geestelik het my liggaam ‘n absolute metamorfese ondergaan.

Ek is gered uit die kloue van dialiese en alle ander vyande in my liggaam is aangespreek.

Danksy Dr Charl voel ek nou ‘n nuwe mens wat ‘n kwaliteit lewe kan voer.

Ek saleer jou Dr Charl.

Dankie dat God u op my pad gebring het. Toe ek jonk was het my liggaam na my gekyk, nou in my ouderdom moet ek na my liggaam omsien.

U het dit moontlik gemaak.




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