Naturopathic Consultations

Metabole Natural Healing Clinic is thus far the only clinic in South Africa where therapeutic nutrition is being practiced.

Dr Charl du Randt is registered as a Naturopath (#A1372 with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa). He holds the qualifications ND, BCom, BCompt, MDP and ACIS.

People who suffer from degenerative health challenges or irregular metabolic conditions, benefit from the Metabole approach. Examples are cancer, hyperactivity, cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, pre-menstrual syndrome, auto-immune dysfunction, etc.

We offer two consultation methods:


- 1 Hour Scio/Quantum Xrroid and Darkfield microscope blood test with Dr Charl du Randt. 

- 2-3 Hour health information session with Malinda: health report, explanation of prescription, recipes and dietary guidelines.

- Your first onsite visit to Metabole will be R850.00.

- All follow-up consultations at the Metabole clinic (two hours) are charged at R650.00.


- A personal analysis, with guidelines concerning your micro nutritional status.

- A personal nutrient program for any specific illness, e.g. candida, if requested.

- Guidelines for food selection.

- Guidelines for hard-to-find products.

- Extracts from relevant literature.

- Specific guidelines on health.

- The email consultation is R250.00. Should you decide to visit the Metabole clinic after having an email consultation, the R250.00 will be accepted as part of your onsite visit fee. This means that you'll only pay an additional R600.00 for your first visit.


Download our questionnaire, fill it in, and please return it via email to or via fax to 086 631 9053.

e-Consultation Questionnaire - English
e-Consultation Questionnaire - Afrikaans

How will I benefit from a consultation with Metabole?
The major benefit of interacting with the Metabole process is the new facet of Consciousness obtained by the client ie. the same factors involved in the disease process are involved in the healing process.

In other words if the cause of the disease is identified and removed, the body will return to normality.


There are 100’s of proven ancient as well as modern therapies worldwide. METABOLE has tried and tested many of these.

Description of therapies

SCIO QUANTUM XXEROID is an electronic resonance instrument developed in Europe.

RIFE RESONANCE is an electric instrument aimed at normalising tissue integrity via resonance frequency.

LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS by Prof. G Enderlein, using dark field microscopy, entails assessing blood quality via visual means.

NUTRITIONAL THERAPY employs food regimes, herbs and spices aimed normalising body parameters. Latest research by Prof Keith Mumby. Also glyconutrients and stem cell therapies.

OTHER therapies include herbal, MMS, Lugols Iodine, Hydrogen Peroxide, spices, and DMSO.

How will I benefit from therapies offered by Metabole?
You can be directed and make use of the most appropriate therapies for their unique situation.

Lifestyle Planning

Choices around food, toxic influences, electro pollution, water, air, perverse energies, dental hazards and sunlight are considered. Education is the primary tool employed here.

Services offered
All visitors to the clinic are provided with a unique booklet with guidelines on lifestyle. This booklet can be purchased online.

How will I benefit from lifestyle planning offered by Metabole?
Easy to understand literature guidelines to empower the user with lifestyle choices.


Self-catering Accommodation is also available on the farm, at R150 per person per night. There is also other accommodation in the area from 1 to 4 star.

Shalom House
As a matter of interest, the farmhouse was built over 260 years ago and today is being used as our clinic, as well as additional accommodation.

Within the farmhouse you’ll find a bedroom with a double bed and a bedroom with 2 single beds, the lounge has a French daybed, where one person can sleep. There is a lovely fireplace in the lounge to keep you warm during our winter evenings.

The kitchen has a fridge, hotplate, convection oven and kettle (no microwave on the farm). Braai facilities on the veranda. We provide cotton bedding & pillows as well as towels. Should you need anything else, please let us know and we will provide from the main house.

River Cottage
The River Cottage is such named as it is located on a hill next to the river. It is a fully equipped self-catering unit, which sleeps 3 people (1x double bed in the bedroom and 1 x single bed in the sitting room).

The cottage has no electricity or fridge (equipped with gas for cooking and hot water and candles for light), therefore provides a lovely tranquil setting which allows one to clear the mind and take in nature. There are fridges and deep freezers available in the other unit for use by the River Cottage patrons.

*Visitors need only bring food and personal toiletries.

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 Charl du Randt, please feel free to contact us.