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Metabole Advanced Super Sulphonyl (MSM)


Some benefits of Metabole Advanced Super Sulphonyl (MSM):

Reduces pain.

Flushes out lactic acid build-up (less muscle soreness after workouts).

Controls headaches, cramps, PMS, and hot flushes.

Reduces arthritis symptoms (swelling, inflammation, pain, and stiffness).

Necessary for collagen synthesis (skin, hair, and nails grow faster).

Prevents cells from becoming rigid.

Detoxifies the cells throughout the whole body.

Relieves allergies to foreign proteins (including food, pollens, house dust mite, animal hair, etc.).


Like all Metabole products, Our Advanced Super Sulphonyl powder contains NO artificial ingredients.


Metabole Super Sulphonyl contains 150g MSM powder.




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Additional information

Weight 225 g