Metabole - Superior Nutrient - Large Powder
Superior Nutrient Formulation 240g

The deficiencies in our diet that are so prevalent today, caused by artificial fertilisers, minor cultural agricultural practices, the food refinement and possibly genetic engineering or of our food crops; has necessitated a definite need for supplementation.

Like all Metabole products, our Superior Nutrient Formulation contains NO artificial ingredients.

Metabole Superior Nutrient Formulation contains 240g formula.


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The nutrients are removed from our food chain, have different roles to play in the body usually in the case of vitamins and minerals as cofactors for the various enzyme systems. Without the full complement of food components, we are prone to a wide range of metabolic illnesses.

But vitamins and minerals are not the only shortages in food. Other components that are lacking such as essential amino acids and essential fatty acids also play a role and have to be supplemented separately in our diet.

Metabole’s Superior Nutrient Formulation is a supplement that includes a vast array of all the nutrients that are known to be essential to humans in one easy to drink tasty formula.

Included in the formula are 10 different vitamins, 12 different minerals, 7 essential amino acids, 2 essential fatty acids as well as kelp powder and barley grass to provide the microelements not present in isolated form.


Superior Nutrient Formulation can be taken in small quantities if needed or can be used adjusted to specific weights of the individuals. For small children, it is an ideal way for taking supplements that contain all the essential ingredients that are lacking in a modern diet.

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