Metabole Potassium


Potassium is one of the abundant minerals in the body and must be ingested in fairly large amounts on a daily basis to ensure that the correct internal balance is maintained. Normally the ingestion of sufficient potassium would not be a problem because adequate levels of the mineral occur in natural foods and a balanced diet would provide the potassium we need.


However, most of us do not live under ideal circumstances any more but lead a hectic, stressful lifestyle where we have come to rely on highly processed and denatured foodstuffs and are exposed to unnatural and synthetic compounds on a daily basis. Under these circumstances the intake of potassium may be insufficient for the body’s requirements, and therefore we need to supplement.


Like all Metabole products, our Potassium capsules contain NO artificial ingredients.


Metabole Potassium contains 90 vegetables capsules.


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