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Modern Western diets with their high refined sugar and low fibre content have an adverse effect on normal blood sugar regulation. Refined sugars are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing a sharp rise in blood sugar, which in turn stimulates the production of insulin by the pancreas. By habitually eating refined foods, persistently high levels of insulin are maintained in the blood which desensitizes insulin receptors on cell membranes, preventing access of glucose to cells which lead to high glucose levels in the blood.

Like all Metabole products, our PhytoZone capsules contain NO artificial ingredients.

Metabole PhytoZone contains 90 vegetable capsules.


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Metabole PhytoZone can do the following for you:

  • Increase sensitivity of cells to insulin, which ensures that glucose can readily enter the cell.
  • Normalise glucose levels in the blood, which can lead lead to weight loss.
  • Optimize functioning of the pancreas and liver by providing the appropriate micro-nutrients and herbs.
  • Facilitate communication between cells involved in blood sugar regulation.

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