Metabole - Advanced PH Balance - Small Powder
Advanced pH Balance Formula

Metabole Advanced pH Balance provides a high concentration of potassium bicarbonate which rapidly restores pH to its correct levels and draws the hydrogen ions from intracellular fluids and body cells, restoring the pH of the body as a whole.

Benefits of Metabole Advanced pH Balance Formula:

Helps restore pH to normal levels thereby preventing both acidosis and alkalosis.

Restores the pH of the intracellular fluids surrounding the cells as well as the cells themselves by removing hydrogen ions, thereby correcting the pH of the whole body.

Provides a source of potassium ions which are normally deficient in modern Western diets.

Like all Metabole products, our Advanced pH Balance contains NO artificial ingredients.


Metabole Advanced pH Balance contains 337.5g powder formula.



Regulation of the acid-alkalinity balance in the human body is essential for optimal health. The body regulates the balance if it maintains an optimal hydrogen ion (H+) concentration (better known as pH) in body fluids. The slightest change in hydrogen ion concentration can cause marked alterations in the rate of chemical reactions in the cells. For this reason, the regulation of pH is one of the most important aspects of homeostasis.

The Dangers Of Incorrect pH Levels

The normal hydrogen concentration of blood is strictly controlled between the narrow limits of 7.35 (venous blood) and 7.4 (arterial blood). A person is considered to have acidosis when the value falls below 7.35 and to have alkalosis when it rises above 7.4. The major effect of acidosis is to depress the nervous system. This initially causes disorientation but can lead to a coma and eventually death. Alkalosis over-excites the nervous system. It can cause tetany and spasm of muscle cells, and lead to death if respiratory muscles are affected.

The lowest level at which a person can live more than a few hours is 6.8 and the upper level approximately 8.0. To prevent acidosis or alkalosis the body has a number of protective mechanisms in place which include, firstly, acid-alkalinity in all the fluid compartments of the body and in the blood itself, which immediately combine with any acid or alkali to return levels to normal, and secondly, the regulatory function of the which excrete either an acid or alkaline urine until the pH returns to normal.

Why Metabole Advanced pH Balance Is So Effective

There are three major buffer systems in the fluid compartments of the body:

  1. The bicarbonate buffer system. It operates mainly in the extracellular fluids and blood.
  2. The phosphate buffer system. It operates mainly in the intracellular fluids surrounding the cells.
  3. The protein buffer system. This includes the plasma proteins, as well as the protein inside cells.

Of these three, the bicarbonate system is the most important.

Metabole Advanced pH Balance addresses the bicarbonate buffer system in the body and provides a high concentration of potassium bicarbonate. This rapidly restores pH to its correct levels and draws the hydrogen ions from intracellular fluids and body cells. As a result, it restores the pH of the body as a whole.

Our pH Balance Formula is in a powder form that can be taken to suit individual requirements. Powders are already in a digested form with ascorbic acid (a naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties) being the end product that gives rapid absorption and optimal metabolism.​

Like all Metabole products, our Advanced pH Balance contains NO artificial ingredients.​​

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