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Metabole Magnesium Formulation contains 280g powder formula. Also available in 140g.


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Introducing The Best Magnesium Supplement in South Africa

Magnesium is the most important mineral your body needs.

It supports over 300 enzyme systems and metabolic processes in your body.

Without it, you're dead.

Why are We so Magnesium Deficient?

  • We're being poisoned by our food.
  • We're increasingly stressed out. We're running our "engines" on high to keep up with life and it is draining us. Stress hormone production requires high levels of magnesium and stressful experiences lead to depletion thereof.
  • We're eating more sugar than ever. For every molecule of sugar we consume, our bodies use up 54 molecules of magnesium to process the sugar.
  • Modern farming techniques deplete stores of magnesium in the soil our plants grow.
  • Magnesium in our bodies are depleted by many pharmaceutical drugs and estrogen compounds (in the form of oral contraceptives, antibiotics, cortisone, prednisone and blood pressure medicine).
  • Diuretics in coffee and tea (caffeine) raise excretion levels of magnesium from our bodies.
  •  Fluoride competes with magnesium for absorption in our bodies.

Just about every single person you come into contact with – especially those with a health problem (even those with minor complaints) are in some way suffering from magnesium deficiency. Yes, that includes YOU!

While there are healthy foods that will boost your magnesium levels to some extent, it’s simply not enough.

Pesticides and pollution have contaminated soil all over the earth. Furthermore, pesticides kill beneficial bacteria/fungi that are necessary for plants to convert soil nutrients into plant nutrients, which in turn must be used by humans.

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Why You Need The Best Magnesium Supplement in South Africa

Magnesium is regarded as the most important of the 17 essential minerals to human life.
The body contains approximately 20 - 28 grams of magnesium.

Most of it (60 - 65%) occurs in the bones and teeth. The remainder (35 - 40%) is found in muscle and tissue cells, especially those of the heart and brain. These two organs become particularly vulnerable in times of magnesium deficiency.

  • In nature, magnesium is found abundantly in green vegetables, beans, nuts,and seeds.
  • However, deficiencies in soil and food refinement have greatly reduced the magnesium content of these foods.
  • In some cases, magnesium content in food are now at a mere 10%.
  • Availability of magnesium is further reduced by certain drugs such as diuretics, contraceptives, antibiotics, and cortisone.
  • All these factors necessitate the need for not just any, but the best magnesium supplement in South Africa.
  • Magnesium functions as a co-factor in more than 325 different enzyme systems. Most are involved in the creation and storage of energy.
  • Dietary shortages of magnesium, as well as the competitive inhibition of magnesium dependent enzyme sites, by environmental toxins can give rise to certain conditions. Such conditions include chronic fatigue and Alzheimer's Disease. They can, however, be alleviated by an increased intake of magnesium.
  • Additional conditions that deplete the body’s energy reserves also respond well to magnesium supplementation.
    Examples are stress and anxiety.

Why Metabole Has the Best Magnesium Supplement in South Africa

best magnesium supplement
  • Experience High Energy Levels Every Day.*
  • Sleep Like a Rock Every Night.*
  • Experience Less Stress and Anxiety.*
  • No More Aches & Pains to Ruin Your Happiness.*
  • NO Artificial Ingredients Like Sugar, Preservatives or Additives.* 

100% Natural

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100% Safe

One of the most unwelcome consequences of our modern and stressful, nutrient deprived lifestyles is the lack of energy.

Our Magnesium Formulation was designed specifically with this problem in mind.

The main ingredient is magnesium. The formula has a synergistic combination of nutrients such as zinc and vitamin B6.

Our Magnesium Formulation is in a powder form that can be taken to suit individual requirements. Powders are already in a digested form with ascorbic acid (a naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties) being the end product, which gives rapid absorption and ensures optimal metabolisation.

The Important Relationship between Calcium and Magnesium

A close association exists between calcium and magnesium in the body. The calcium to magnesium ratio has a number of important physiological implications.

Muscle contraction, for example, is initiated by calcium that enters cells and stops when the passage of calcium is blocked by magnesium. A high calcium to magnesium ratio therefore leads to prolonged muscle contractions and spasms. It can lead to asthma if this occurs in the bronchial tubes. If the blood vessels are involved, high blood pressure and arrhythmia can occur.

A high calcium to magnesium ratio may also be implicated in insulin resistance where glucose is no longer able to enter the cells. Obesity, high cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, and high uric acid levels can follow as a result. High levels of magnesium restores the sensitivity of the cells to insulin and possibly reverses the problem.

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