Morning Rituals
4 Effective Habits to Experience a Better Day, Every Day

The irritating, loud alarm clock wakes you. You hit snooze.

Five minutes later, again. Snooze. 

Then again. Snooze. 

You peek at the clock (convinced the time is around 6:45) and you realise it's 7:15! 


You throw off the sheets in a panic and hit the ground running. Shower, dress, get ready, get the kids ready, breakfasts, school drop offs, rush to work - which happens in a total frenzy. 

The rest of your day is a mess of frustrations with you running from one event to the next while your head is spinning. When you get home tonight you question why nothing seemed to go your way during the day? 

We get it. We have all been there. 

If you want to change the flow of your day, you need to change the way you begin your day. So, how can we do this? Morning rituals. 

Morning rituals instil a sense of purpose, peace, and routine into the day ahead so the rest of your day will be much more calm, productive and successful. A regular morning ritual gives you a solid foundation for whatever the day throws at you. 

While you figure out what your morning ritual will be, have a look at the top four morning rituals we have identified:

1. Morning Stretching

morning rituals morning stretching

Start your day off with a stretch (even only 10-15 minutes is fine) to help your body and mind wake up and feel centred, grounded and energised. A morning stretch can help release all of those tight and restricted areas after a long night of sleeping.

Another benefit of morning stretching comes with breathing which, when you paired with movement, allows you to become connected to your inner self and you will be more at peace. A stretching morning ritual allows you to better face the stressors of the day ahead.

2. Prepare and Enjoy a Cup of Tea, Coffee or Lemon Water

morning rituals tea

First thing in the morning you prepare your favourite cup of tea, coffee or even a hydrating glass of lemon water. This can be any (healthy) drink you love. The idea is to drink something which makes you warm and happy first thing after waking up.

3. Write a Journal

Many people love to end their day by writing in a journal, letting go of everything that happened during their day.

Starting your day writing a journal is also effective. You can get into the habit by buying yourself a journal that speaks to you and putting it on your bedside table, along with a pen. 

When you wake up try to write a few words that come to mind. Don't ponder too much about it or judge your thoughts, let yourself be open and creative. You can write a few words about your emotions, a morning intuition or what you are grateful for. Or, you can jot down what you dreamed about or a few things you are hoping to achieve in the upcoming day.

 The practice of writing a journal helps to focus your mind energy so you feel more centred and connected at the start of your day.

morning rituals journal writing

4. Make a List to Organise Your Day

Write a short list (only three or four things) you need or want to carry out throughout the day. 

Many people wake up and, only moments later, have a zillion things circulating through their minds about what they need to carry out in the day. By the time the sun sets, they realise they have forgotten about... well, most of it.

But, by starting your day writing three or four things you genuinely need to accomplish, you have a higher chance of getting them done. You will be more organised, productive and successful.

We'd love to hear from you! Tell us about your own morning ritual and how it helps you to manage your daily life (in the comments section below).

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