Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know your program is effective?
After 21 years+ in practice and 22 000+ patients we have gained enough experience to have reasonable confidence.

Is your approach scientific?
All our protocols are scientifically validated.

Why do all doctors not follow your philosophy?
The medical mandate is limited to diagnosis and treatment. The cause of disease falls outside the medical mandate.

Do you treat disease?
No. We seek to identify and correct the CAUSE of the ailment. There are also benign (non toxic) products which we endorse and which are used for symptomatic relief.

Does the medical aid pay for your products and services?
The funds are reluctant to pay for non-medical services. Find out from your fund what their policy is.

Why are you in such a remote location?
We chose this area to avoid the hazards of urban living. Also to afford our visitors an experience of clean living.

Do you need more information?

We're always ready to help!
If you need any further information or would like a consultation with Dr. Charl, please feel free to contact us.