Food Supplements:
If You want Optimum Nutrition You Need to Read This

Food supplements come in many shapes and sizes, and they promise to fill every gap imaginable in your body. But how safe are your food supplements?

Most supplements result from an artificial process of mixing inactive ingredients with biotin.

"If You want Optimum Nutrition You Need to Read This"

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Biotin is a B-vitamin, better known as vitamin B7. It helps our bodies to produce energy.

On average, we need small quantities of biotin each day.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for biotin is 400 micrograms: just enough to fit on a pinhead. 

food supplements biotin vitamin b7

But did you know typical food supplements often weigh over 300 milligramme? That's over 700 times than the of biotin itself!

Think about that for a moment...

When using a food supplement for its vitamin B7 (or biotin) content, you consume 700 times as much added ingredients as the vitamin B7 itself. So, you consume ingredients for which no deficiencies exist. Does that make any sense to you?

food supplements does that make sense

Yes, you should feel troubled, because mixing biotin with inactive ingredients to produce food supplements has several disadvantages.


The only reason for using inactive ingredients is to bind, fill, and lubricate capsules and tablets. Apart from that, they have no value.

Often, food supplements get promoted as "all-natural health supplements", and nothing could be further from the truth. They are dangerous for you and your family.


During digestion, vitamins and minerals attach to protein complexes in your digestive tract.

Attaching to protein complexes enhances their absorption and ensures that they do not end up isolated in the bloodstream. 

Protein complexes in the blood stream do not (normally) get excreted by the kidneys. Because they do not get excreted, they stay in the body for longer.

But food supplements prevent protein complexes from forming because of their inactive ingredients.

Now vitamins and other nutrients cannot attach to protein complexes, which leads to less efficient absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Without proper absorption, they enter the blood stream as isolated, free-floating nutrients and get excreted (by the kidneys). 

food supplements dangerous inactive ingredients


A food supplement has only biotin and inactive ingredients. A biotin-rich food has biotin and other essential nutrients your body needs to work. 

The conclusion is that common food supplements causes a scarcity of important nutrients.

When you take a supplement that provides biotin in an isolated form, you can compare it to oiling a single cog in a machine. If you don't oil the cogs too, the machine will come to a complete standstill.


food supplements foreign particles

Foreign particles, such as those found in food supplements, mobilises your immune system.

A single supplement may trigger a slight immune response. But twenty (or more) supplements per day causes dangerous levels of inactive material in your body.

More inactive ingredients in your body triggers a big immune response. It drains large amounts of nutrients... Counteracting the effect of taking food supplements in the first place!


Metabole products have a super food base mixed with biotin. With our products, the biotin forms part of a natural food source.

Metabole nutriments contain the nutritional benefits of the wholesome foods to which we are adapted.

It also provides the vitamins and minerals you need to keep everything functioning in your body as they should - thus ensuring optimal health and vitality.

Metabole nutriments deliver higher concentrations of active ingredients than natural food sources do. For example: a single capsule equals the amount of vitamin B5 from 50 apples.

Because of the high concentration of active ingredients, we can target known deficiency conditions; such as arthritis, with successful results.


We can do the same for you!

If you are still reading this article, you understand the dangers of common food supplements. Our nutritional supplements are just what you need, guaranteed.

It is possible to correct abnormal deficiency conditions faster than when eating a normal wholesome food diet—making Metabole a natural medicine in the true sense of the word.

By using only a super food base, we remove the harmful additives found in most food supplements. 

We changed the nutritional format from an artificial one to one that uses wholesome foods as a blueprint.

We use capsules made from vegetable material in our whole range.

Thanks to Erik Nieman for the information. Click here to download the original article.
Original article adapted for this blog by Melissa Niemann.

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