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Proper nutrition is your lifeline.


You are capable of living a long and prosperous life with your loved ones. All you need is to understand the crucial relationship between what you feed your body and your health.

If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you!

Apart from feeling strong and energetic, giving your body the nutrients it needs will make you healthy and much more resistent to all kinds of diseases.

Learn about nutrition and how your diet profoundly impacts your current and future health from Metabole Wellness. We have more than 20 years of experience and over 20,000 success stories on record.


Are You a Victim of These Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms?


Publish Date: 01/06/2018  |  Updated: 30/09/2018

You couldn't sleep last night. Again. "Tired" is an understatement right now.

As if your fatigue is not enough, your heart can't stop racing.

Sure, you're under some pressure. But you've had worse days.

Why does it feel like you're about to have a panic attack, then?

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Little-Known Health Benefits of Pears


Original publish date: 30/01/2018  |  Updated: 20/08/2018

The health benefits of pears are amazing.

From increased energy levels to keeping unwanted wrinkles at bay, pears have got you covered.

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Yann Martel once wrote, "Slice a pear and you will find that its flesh is incandescent white. It glows with inner light. Those who carry a knife and a pear are never afraid of the dark."
("Beatrice and Virgil")

So grab a pear and read on. You will love the health benefits of pears we have to share with you!

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Benefits Of Alkaline Fruits You Need to Know About, NOW


You're here for one of two reasons. 

One: you realise how important it is to keep a healthy lifestyle and you know how alkaline food (alkaline fruits specifically) plays a crucial role.

You've done the research and now you are ready to look at which foods can help balance your body's pH balance.

Two: you're curious. You have heard 'all this talk' about alkaline fruits and foods and how it's the answer to better health. But you are not convinced. 

And that's OK. In this age of information-overload you have every right to be sceptical about anything and everything. 

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Organic Produce Facts: Are You Doing Your Body More Harm Than Good?

Organic Produce: The Hazardous Side
Curated Article from GAIA Research

The greatest fear of many conscientious natural foodists is that pesticide residues in their food might cause harm or illness, especially cancer.

However, it is an esoteric fact that most of the toxic substances in our diets originate naturally from food plants themselves (endogenously) or are formed during the storage, processing and cooking thereof.

This phenomenon does not apply to fruits (the natural food of humans), with exceptions from extreme environments that are unnatural habitats for humans, hence the emphasis on vegetables, tubers, legumes and grains in this analysis.

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Healthy People Know About These Vitamin C Benefits – Do You?

Vitamin C Benefits

What is it with vitamin C? You know about vitamin C.

You know your mom and your doctor lied to you.

Let's be fair though: your mom didn't lie to you - she really didn't know any better. 

"Pump up on vitamin C or you'll get sick this winter." 

Like that helped, right?

You got sick anyway. Every single year.

But here you are, still "pumping up" on vitamin C every time winter approaches just to get that cold anyway...

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