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Metabole Wellness explores the various health issues people are faced with everyday.

The sad truth is that millions of people from general health issues – diseases that could easily have been prevented!

From women’s health to your baby’s health, Metabole Wellness presents practical tips & tricks for better health.

We cover topics such as environmental toxins, healthy sleeping patterns, how eating influences your health, and many more.

Dr Charl du Randt and his wife, Malinda, are the founding member and owners of Metatbole – a Natural Healing clinic in South Africa.

They have more than 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 success stories on record.

Learn about general health issues and how to prevent all kinds of diseases, from the general cold to cancer.

Lysine Cold Sore Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Lysine Cold Sore Treatment

Bad news: You probably have the virus that causes cold sores.

Worse news: It's incurable.

But, as with most things in life, there is a natural solution. In this article we will talk about the best cold sore treatment: lysine.

Even if you have never had a cold sore in your life, you almost certainly know someone who struggles with it and who desperately needs a solution.

Imagine the joy on your friend's face when you give them advice about lysine.

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Alzheimer’s Prevention: Everything You Need to Know


You're frightened. 

Mom (or dad) forgot about your weekly get-together. Again

You've heard about "it" in the past. But you didn't pay much attention.

No one can blame you either - no one ever thinks "this is going to happen to me one day" when it comes to potential bad experiences.

Nor should they. 

But here you are and you don't even want to consider it but... You can't help thinking that maybe life is throwing a cruel curveball at you and your family.

Your thoughts are driving you crazy right now.

"Does mom (or dad) have Alzheimer's? No. It can't be... She (or he) is just getting old. It's normal to forget things at her (or his) age. Isn't it?"

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Successful Sleep: is it Possible?!

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Successful Sleep:
How to do it in this Crazy, Fast-Paced World

Successful sleep is crucial to a longer, stronger, and happier life.


Knowing how to wake up in the morning is the key to your entire day! In fact, that “snooze button” problem could be tanking your productivity and energy levels.

In the United States, about one-third of the population hits the snooze button more than three times every morning! People in their 20s and 30s – more than half of them – hit snooze.

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Antioxidants: Why You Need them Every Day

Why You Need These 4 Powerful Antioxidants Every Day

Dr Keith Scott-Mumby talks about the importance of antioxidants.

There is a critical problem happening right now that most people aren’t aware of. There’s an attack on antioxidants. Before I get into the details, let me say that powerful antioxidants can mean the difference between sickness or health, between early mortality or long life, and between looking older than you are or holding back the signs of aging.

That’s scientifically proven.

Again and again, independent labs and universities around the world prove the benefits of increasing the antioxidants in your daily eating plan (or even through supplementation if you know you don’t get enough through diet alone).

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What?! Reducing the Risk of Glaucoma by 74% is THAT easy?

What?! Reducing the Risk of Glaucoma by 74% is THAT easy?

Good news for anyone who is a fan of tea — research indicates that a daily cup of tea may reduce the likelihood of glaucoma.

According to a study made by researchers from the University of California, people who drink tea at least once a day “are 74 percent less likely” to be diagnosed with glaucoma, a disease which affects an estimated 2.72 million people in the U.S. alone.

Interestingly enough, researchers found that coffee, tea, and soft drinks do not have the same effect as tea.

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